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      Eureka always gather the past eurekians together organizing varieties of games fun activities and social service activities.The most special event realized for the society was the “Kandula” program behalf of the 15th anniversary of Eureka ITC and also the Eurekians engage in such social activities such as cleaning temple premises organizing and helping perahara in the main temple.

      Not only in social work but also we also conduct many religious program a such as Bana Dharma Deshana to develop the insight of eurekians and also we conduct Sinhala and Tamil new year programs and musical programs to gather the past and present eurekians.

      We also cheerfully organize our annual cricket match refreshing all these events and rebounding the eurekians towards the mother eureka.The eurekians also engage in many tours including one day night annual trip each year.


Sinhala Hindu New Year Celebration


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